Friday, February 1, 2013


I have liked the 49ers since all the way back when Steve Young was quarterback, probably since I was in 4th grade. I got a 49ers Calendar each year for Christmas from my Dad, and after moving to San Francisco 4 years ago, wore my 49ers sweatshirt on every chilly day (even when at the time I was probably the only person sporting one). Heck, I am wearing it right now.

Since last year's close run, and of course this year making it to Sunday's game... everyone in the city is super excited. The SF Giants have won two World Series in the last 3 seasons and it would be amazing to celebrate a 49er victory this time around!

A (Baltimore) friend of mine encouraged me to work on a facebook banner sized illustration for both 49ers and Ravens fans to share and celebrate the big game! I was super busy at first and did not think I would have time for a bonus fun piece, but once the ideas were flowing I was inspired to stay up and work on it!

There were a lot of images floating around on the internet of the two Harbaugh brothers squaring off, or screaming at each other or raising fists. I knew I wanted to do something different, something with a New Orleans specific theme, and just make it fun and hilarious.

When looking for references one thing was clear... they provided all the character, pretty much making crazy faces all the time....

Due to all the mouth open shots, I was thinking maybe stick some food in their hands??... maybe Jim going crazy over crawfish, and John eating a beignet all classy with his pinky up. I enjoyed doing this layout sketch, but it did not have that competitive Superbowl spirit. They were too disconnected from each other and it was missing a point.

My boyfriend Chris recalled that game where you fold up paper into a triangular football and try to score goals on one another by flicking it through an arm shaped post. . . Brilliant! Luckily I was able to use the same expression on Jim's face, and no work was lost there. I kept the crawfish and beignets (instead of pizza and wings), and this .png below is in Facebook Banner dimensions,  here to download, in case anyone wants to share:) Who are you rooting for this Sunday?!

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