Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Bruce Campbell

Earlier this year, a facebook fan shared with me that actor Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead, Burn Notice) was using my illustration of him as his Twitter avatar! I was totally surprised and honored, and would have had no clue if they hadn't messaged me.

Seeing as I hadn't posted this on my blog yet, I thought I would share a few stages of sketch to final.

Below were some initial, very rough, ideas. I knew I wanted to incorporate elements from his horror movies into an illustration inspired by his current look and role on Burn Notice. Being that I am from Florida, I went with the Miami, poolside scene :)

I did a quick black and white value study first, and as a result wasn't really sure I liked the skeletons tightly squeezed under the lounge chair and thought they were probably too jumbled/cramped to read.

Ultimately, per recommendation of a friend, I went with the simpler, fist clutching an eyeball :)

I'm going to try to be more active on twitter in the new year, so if you would like to say hi I'm @kaceyschwartz. See ya there!

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